2 Easy Methods of Integration

Embed Web Widgets

Quickly embed our hosted payment widgets to your website or software for fully functional payment processing.

Direct API Integration

Develop a seamless payment experience within your software with the full customization of your existing workflow.

Virtual Terminal

A simply a web application which allows merchants to do all the various card processing functions within the confines of the browser.

  • Process Payments
  • Create Card-on-File Plans
  • Generate Reports

Easy Pay Modules can be used for interfacing with a chip reader, and currently we support the VeriFone Vx820, P200 and P400.


Generally, card processing is done in one of the following 3 ways:

1. Credit Card Authorization

Process on-time credit card transactions from cardholders, with the ability to void, return, print reports and auto settle daily. 

2. Charge a Card-on-File

Create card-on-file ‘consents’ at the time of sale with tokenized cardholder data for future use through any of our integration channels, such as API, widget and virtual terminal. 

3. Create Automated Payment Plans

Create payment plans by setting total amount, number of payments and let the platform do the rest. As each payment is due, our platform will automatically charge cardholders the correct amount and generate email receipts to the cardholder.

It's Easy to Get Started!

Get up and running quickly with our payment widgets, or view our API code to create a seamless payment experience within your software solution. 

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